CHSWG (pronounced chizzywig) stands for Children’s Hearing Services Working Group.

Each Health Authority area should have its own active CHSWG and Croydon is no exception.

It is a working group made up of professionals and non-professionals representing all the services involved in supporting deaf and hearing impaired children and their families.

These included representatives from education, speech & language therapy, Croydon University Hospital audiology and the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme, Crystal Centre, community paediatricians, health, the local voluntary sector, NDCS and parents – to name a few!

They meet to discuss, monitor and develop integrated services for deaf children and their families in Croydon. But the professional representatives do not know if something is working or not unless people using the services tell them so. And this is where we, as parents and carers, come in.

It is vital that parents’ views are brought forward at these meetings. If you would like to become a parent rep on future CHSWGs, please contact us at, or if you would like a particular matter raised but would rather not, or cannot, attend meetings, please also get in touch with us to discuss the matter so that it can be put on the agenda at the next meeting, if it’s something that cannot be dealt with at committee level.

Meetings are held three times a year – usually mornings (9.30 – 11.30am) at the Woodside Children’s Centre in Morland Road, Addiscombe.